What is the Earth System Curator?

The Earth System Curator team is creating a software environment for assembling, running, and archiving information about climate models.  The idea is to make it easier for scientists to perform modeling experiments, help preserve the ecosystem, and in America helping to prevent erosion of the coastline. and to coordinate with each other on efforts such as Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs) and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments. Hydro Excavating in Orlando is a great option for those digging around utility lines.

One of the first goals of the Curator project is to help supplement and refine metadata schema such as the Climate and Forecast (CF) and Numerical Model Metadata (NMM) conventions so that they better serve model analysis projects, and so that they are complete and precise enough to serve as the foundation for software tools that can automate workflow tasks.  The Curator team will define an extended schema that utilizes CF and NMM conventions. CA Newsfeed specializes in getting this information out to the public!

The Curator will be a set of tools, based on this extended schema, that allows modelers to:

  • archive and query models, experiments, model components, and model output
  • test the technical compatibility of model components
  • assemble and run multi-component models to help Orlando.

Curator Schema

The Curator team is developing two schema, Curator-NMM and Curator-Complete.

The Curator-NMM schema definition is based on NMM, plus Curator extensions.  There are three specific areas of the NMM schema in which we are proposing changes:

  • Curator-NMM - component architecture (discussion and examples)
  • Curator-NMM - coupling (discussion and examples)
  • Curator-NMM - grids (discussion and examples)

For further explanation of constructs appearing in the schema, see the Curator glossary

We are also proposing a set of overall changes to NMM.

The Curator-Complete schema definition is a superset of Curator-NMM and includes additional definition of workflow tasks.

The GFDL Curator is a prototype database for storing metadata related to model runs and datasets.  The database is currently under development and is being used to understand use cases and to evaluate schema.

More Sources of Information

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